Board of Directors

The Women Leaders in Sports Board of Directors consists of 15 members and ex-officio members whose responsibility is to support the organization’s mission, values, and purpose; ensure adequate resources, legal and ethical integrity; and maintain accountability. At least four members of the Board of Directors shall be from NCAA Division II, Division III, NAIA, or NJCAA, and of these four members, at least one shall be from Division II, and at least one shall be from Division III. Ex officio members and legal counsel are considered non-voting, appointed members of the Board of Directors. For more details on the Board of Directors, View the current Women Leaders in  Sports Bylaws (updated December 2022) (PDF).

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Meg Stevens, Vice President and Director of Athletics and Campus Operations, Averett University (DIII - 2025)


Gloria Nevarez, Commissioner, Mountain West Conference (DI-FBS - 2024)


Heather Lyke, Director of Athletics, University of Pittsburgh (DI-FBS - 2024)


Sarah Baumgartner, Executive Senior Associate Athletics Director, Sports Administration, University of Texas (DI-FBS - 2024)



Keri Becker, Director of Athletics, Grand Valley State University (DII - 2025)



Janna Blais, Deputy Director of Athletics (Administration and Policy)/SWA, Northwestern University (Ex Officio NCAA DI Board Appointee)



Renee Bostic, Director of Athletics, Wellness & Recreation, SUNY New Paltz (DIII - 2026)



Joni Comstock, Senior Vice President, Championships and Alliances, NCAA (Ex Officio NCAA)



Portia Hoeg, Executive Director, Centennial Conference (DIII - 2024)



Candace Campbell Jackson, Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff, Syracuse University (DI FBS - 2025)



Lesley Irvine, Vice President & Director of Athletics, Colorado College (DIII - 2025)



Nina King, Vice President & Director of Athletics, Duke University (DI FBS - 2027)



Danette Leighton, CEO, Women's Sports Foundation (Ex Officio)



Chrissi Rawak, Director of Athletics, Community, and Campus Recreation, University of Delaware, (DI FCS- 2027)



Desiree Reed-Francois, Vice President & Director of Athletics, University of Arizona, (DI-FBS - 2026)



Diana Sabau, Director of Athletics, Utah State University, (DI FBS - 2026)



Etienne Thomas, Director of Athletics, Winston Salem State University (DII - 2024)



Tracy Warren, Managing Shareholder, Buchalter Law Firm, San Diego Office (Ex Officio, Legal Counsel)



Jennifer Williams,Chief Development Officer, USA Basketball Foundation (2027)




View the current Women Leaders in Sports Bylaws (updated December 2022) (PDF).