Honor Award Recipients

The Honor Award recognizes individuals and/or entities that have exemplified outstanding support of women in athletics and their success.     

2017: Dr. Pat Griffin 

2015: Sheila Johnson

2013: Anita DeFrantz

2011: 1999 U.S. Soccer Women’s National Team

2010: Dr. Myles Brand, Former President, NCAA (posthumously)

2009: NIKE, represented by Kit Morris and JoAn Scott

2008: National Women’s Law Center, represented by Dina Lassow

2007: Nancy Hogshead-Makar, Attorney & Professor, Florida Coastal School of Law

2006: Irv & Tora Grossman, Founders of The Collegiate Women’s Sports Award (Honda Awards)

2005: Christine Brennan, USA Today

2004: Althea Gibson (posthumously)

2003: Barbara Jordan (posthumously)

2002: Billie Jean King

2001: NACWAA Foundation Fund Donors

2000: Robin Roberts, ESPN/ABC Sports

1999: National Association for Girls & Women in Sports (NAGWAS)

1998: Donna Lopiano, Women’s Sports Foundation

1997: Birch Bayh, former Senator from Indiana who wrote the language of Title IX in 1972

1996: Norma Cantú, Office for Civil Rights

1995: State Farm Insurance Companies

1994: Sara Lee Corporation

National Women’s Law Center, represented by Marcia Greenberger

1992: The Dial Corporation

1991: Anita L. DeFrantz

1990: Vivian Acosta and Linda Jean Carpenter

1989: Founding Board members of the CCWAA

1988: Rollin Haffer and Sue Durrant

1987: Members of the House of Representatives who signed the Civil Rights Restoration Act, represented by Claudine Schneider

1986: USA Today

1985: Eastman Kodak

1984: Broderick Company