Exciting News: NACWAA is Now Women Leaders in College Sports!

Welcome to the new home of Women Leaders in College Sports, the brand-new name for NACWAA!

We are so excited to share with you the reasons behind our name change. Over the past six years, NACWAA has seen amazing growth in numbers and in influence—but our name simply hasn’t kept up. Not only is it a bit of a mouthful, but it doesn’t adequately show anyone inside or outside of our industry what we do and who we are. In short, we evolved beyond what our name states.

So about a year ago, our Board of Directors and National Office team set out to come up with a new name that more wholly and clearly describes all that we do and all that we are. A name that better describes our members:

  • Leaders at every level
  • Leaders at their institutions
  • Leaders in the world
  • Women Leaders in College Sports

The heart and soul of organization will never change, and neither will our programming and events: You’ll still be able to experience Women Leaders in College Sports at our summer Institutes, at our National Convention, here on our new website, and more. And our pillar words, which describe YOU—strong, resilient, inspired, and passionate—haven’t changed either.

We are so excited by how this new name will position our members for further growth and development, within our industry and beyond!

We would love your help spreading the word and generating excitement about Women Leaders! (A head's up that we won't be using an acronym because, just like you, the name is so powerful. If we need to shorten, we'll simply use Women Leaders.)

Here’s how you can get involved with this exciting and historic change in our association:

​Plus, follow Women Leaders in College Sports on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube!

Now our name more clearly shows the world who we are—who YOU are—and who we have always been together: Women Leaders in College Sports. Let’s raise our game!

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