Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 59: Joan Cronan

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We are honored to be joined on today's podcast by Women Leaders past president and University of Tennessee women's athletic director emeritus, Joan Cronan.

It was such an honor to talk with Joan, who is a LEGEND. Her career milestones are well-documented with numerous records, prestigious awards, and hall of fame inductions. She has also authored a book that is a must read. Best known for her work in building one of the most visible and respected women's athletics programs in the country, Joan built the Lady Vol legacy with the help of one of her best friends, the legendary Pat Summitt, who Joan calls the ultimate team player.

Listen in to hear Joan's three keys to success, how to manage up and work effectively with presidents, and the value in serving, not receiving. 

There is SO MUCH here to take in. I hope you enjoy our conversation, and remember, we are Women Leaders!

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