Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 135: Laura Gassner Otting

Hello, and welcome to the Women Leaders podcast! I’m Patti Phillips, CEO of Women Leaders in College Sports.


Today, I’m here with a VERY special guest, Laura Gassner Otting, Washington Post Best-Selling Author and Speaker – Yes, the same Laura who delivered an EPIC keynote speech at our 2022 National Convention in Kansas City!


I’m excited to have her on the podcast today to talk about her newest book - Wonderhell! Which is Inspired by conversations with movers and shakers, ground-breaking leaders, entrepreneurs, and of course her own experience with success.


The title of the book actually threw me, until she explained that success isn’t a destination, its a portal. What we thought was the pinnacle of achievement (its a wonderful!) is instead a door that invites us to live up to the burden of our newfound potential (which can be hell!) aka WonderHell!


This is exactly the kind of book we all need to help us get to that next level in our professional and personal lives by structuring the chapters as an amusement park. Chapters such as Impostortown, The Carousel, and The Tunnel of Love metaphorically take us through the burden of newly discovered potential of success and life.


Grab a copy of Wonderhell here! Let’s dive in, And remember, We Are Women Leaders.


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