Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 136: Making the Pivot with Angie Torain and Jenn Hunter

Hello and welcome to the Women Leaders Podcast. I’m your host, Patti Phillips….CEO of Women Leaders in College Sports. I’m excited to bring today’s episode to you as I talk with two phenomenal women about their experiences with Making a Pivot in their careers:


Jenn Hunter currently the Chief Impact Officer for the Big 12 Conference, pivoted from the pro sports space after working at the Portland Trailblazers for nearly four years.


Joining her is Angie Torain, the Director of Athletics and Recreation at the University of Chicago, who made the pivot from working in Division l at The University of Notre Dame to Division lll to sit in the chair at Chicago.


Both women talk about how their varied and diverse experiences transferred to their new roles in new arenas and ultimately, allowed them to bring (or add) value in transformative ways. They not only explain how they navigated these big changes but give tangible actions steps on how to make a pivot and be successful doing it!


Jenn and Angie are CRUSHING it and I can’t wait for you to hear their stories. Let’s dive in! And remember, We Are Women Leaders.


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