Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 137: Why We Hire Who We Hire with Jenny Borg and Kristy Bayer

Hello and welcome to the Women Leaders Podcast. I’m your host, Patti Phillips….CEO of Women Leaders in College Sports. I’m excited about this episode which highlights the strategies leaders use in recruiting and hiring top talent.  It’s obviously a topic that plays a crucial role in shaping all successful organizations.


We’re joined by two rockstar Women Leaders, who have excelled in the world of college sports and are at the forefront of hiring talent at their Universities. Kristy Bayer - the Athletic Director from Rockhurst University Has been the lead or part of most hires during her 20 year career as a head coach, sr ranking and deputy AD, and now as athletic director, and has incredible insights on how to stand out and succeed in the hiring process.


Jenny Borg, is Notre Dame’s Senior Associate Athletic Director – Strategy & Culture. Jenny has held roles as supervisor of employee services, as consultant to Human Resources, and advisor to athletics strategy, all of which has required a keen eye or recruiting talent that builds winning cultures.


Together, Kristy and Jenny share their insights on everything from how to get noticed, get and win an interview, and what not to do during interviews. Whether you're job hunting, a hiring manager, or interested in the dynamics of building a winning team, you won't want to miss this conversation! 


Let’s dive in! And remember, We Are Women Leaders.


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