Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 138: President L. Song Richardson & Dr. Angel Mason

Hello and welcome to the Women Leaders Podcast. I’m your host, Patti Phillips….CEO of Women Leaders in College Sports. Today we honor and celebrate Juneteenth - the day that enslaved black Americans in Texas became free.  Juneteenth gives us an opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go.


In this episode, we take you back to a vital conversation that took place at our 2022 National Convention in Kansas City, where Dr. Angel Mason, Director of Athletics at Berry College and one of our Women of Color Circle Leads, sat down with Colorado College President L. Song Richardson, for an honest discussion about race and gender.


President Richardson, a legal scholar, lawyer, and expert on implicit racial and gender bias, has dedicated her career to civil rights and equity.


These two women leaders tap into the importance of celebrating the victories, but also point out the challenges still ahead, and why we need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. 


Let’s dive into this important conversation…and remember, We Are Women Leaders.


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