Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 139: Sonja Stills

Hello and welcome to the Women Leaders Podcast. I’m your host, Patti Phillips…Today I’m joined by MEAC Commissioner Sonja Stills! Sonja is the first woman commissioner in the conference’s history, as well as the first woman commissioner of a Division 1 HBCU Conference…talking about Kicking Glass!


There are SO many great insights in this conversation – including the importance of going above and beyond in your job, and how that will ALWAYS pay off for you down the road. Sonja says jobs are NOT a-la-carte, and she gives great examples from her career about how saying yes and taking initiative pays off.


She also passionately and clearly talks about the importance and benefits of HBCU’s. Let’s dive into this insightful conversation…and remember, We Are Women Leaders.


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