Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 141: Angie Bennett


Hello and welcome to the Women Leaders Podcast. I’m your host, Patti Phillips…And I’m super excited about today’s conversation.

We all want to be able to speak as well as we think, right? Well, get your notebook ready! Communications expert Angie Bennett joins me for the ultimate coaching session. Angie, a long-time friend of Women Leaders, is the Senior Vice President at Dardis Communications, where she’s been teaching people how to share their gift, for the past 12 years.

Just a few tips you’ll learn are why communication is physical, how to develop an elevator pitch, how to “Brief the Boss’ – this is one of my personal faves, and how to develop confidence in public speaking. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or looking to ace your next interview, Angie’s communication coaching will resonate with you.

Let’s dive into this masterclass in communication…and remember, We Are Women Leaders. 


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