Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 100: Sandy Barbour, Heather Lyke and Jacqie McWilliams

Since 2017, powerhouse women from all corners of the collegiate athletics industry and beyond have shared their career and leadership journey with us on the Women Leaders Podcast. With over 122,000 all-time downloads in just four years and an average of 4,000 downloads per month, these conversations have provided timely and impactful insights to our listeners by covering relevant and relatable topics for women leaders at all levels - (like being THE FIRST or THE ONLY, managing up, navigating transitions, being a mom in athletics, building and sustaining organizational culture, and so much more).

In this podcast, for our 100th episode, Patti Phillips talks with the 2021 Women Leaders Executive Committee: Sandy Barbour, vice president for intercollegiate athletics at the Pennsylvania State University, Heather Lyke, director of athletics at the University of Pittsburgh and Jacqie McWilliams, commissioner of the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA).

All three of these women leaders have shared their personal career story as a previous guest on the Women Leaders podcast - for the 100th episode they are back and here to engage in a different conversation. Listen to their original episodes here to learn more about their stories: Sandy Barbour, Heather Lyke, Jacqie McWilliams.

These three will be YOUR truth tellers for all things career advancement- sharing their personal learnings, observations and best advice on career strategy so that you can position yourself for the job you want and advance into higher levels of leadership. Listen in to hear what Heather Lyke sees at the “greatest gift” you can bring to your athletics department, Sandy Barbour tells us why she hires who she hires and Jacqie McWilliams talks about the critical skills of managing up AND down to lead at the highest level.

And most importantly - all three leaders tell us why women should be opting in, NOT out right now in our industry and how to own and elevate your leadership presence!

Watch or listen in to get a front row seat of my conversation with three of the best women leaders in the business! Yes, that’s right - you can WATCH the 100th podcast! We’ve recorded the video and posted it to the Leadership Hub video library so you can get a behind the scenes look at the Women Leaders Podcast. Be sure to check it out and remember, we are women leaders!


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