Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 54: Lynn Hickey

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On today’s podcast, Patti Phillips is joined by Past Women Leaders President and Eastern Washington Director of Athletics, Lynn Hickey.

A true trailblazer among us, she has done it all in her 30 plus years in the industry and is still going strong! After spending 10 years as a head women’s basketball coach, first at Kansas State and then at Texas A&M, Lynn transitioned into administration at Texas A&M. Then after just six years on the administrative side, Lynn was hired as the Athletic Director at UTSA where she served for 17 years before taking over and at Eastern Washington.  

Listen in as Lynn talks about starting a Division l football program from scratch at UTSA, her surprise transition from UTSA to Eastern Washington, and the importance of grit, grace, and gratitude. 

Enjoy, and remember, We Are Women Leaders! 

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