Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 122: Mia Hamm



Hello, and welcome to the Women Leaders podcast! I’m Patti Phillips, CEO of Women Leaders in College Sports. Today we’ve got a very special guest...It’s MIA HAMM – yes, you heard that right -MIA HAMM. 


It was an honor to sit down with Mia at Boston College recently, for their “Celebrating 50 years of Title IX” event which was presented by the Council for Women at BC!


Mia is not only the best women’s soccer player ever, but also one of the most important and recognizable female figures in the history of sport. But...without Title IX, you would probably not be listening to this podcast. Mia Hamm would not have won four consecutive NCAA Soccer Championships at University of North Carolina. She would not have two Olympic gold medals. She would not have two World Cup Championships.


Mia is an outspoken advocate for Title IX and gender equality. Now an active owner of Angel City FC, Mia talks to us about the important evolution going from wanting a voice at the table, to a seat at the table, to wanting to OWN the table!


Of course, we can’t sit down with Mia Hamm and not talk about the epic 99 run... And why there are NO MORE excuses for not investing in women's sports. Mia shares her life lessons from sports and how she instills those in her children, along with some great suggestions for parents of athletes.

She offers so many great pieces of advice here! Don’t miss a moment of this conversation with one of the most legendary sports figures in the world. Enjoy, and remember...We are Women Leaders!

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