Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 142: Brand Evolution


Hello and welcome to the Women Leaders In Sports Podcast…I’m Patti Phillips, and today, I’m NOT your host.  We have a very special episode for you though, as we give our community a behind the scenes look into our decision to evolve our brand to be more inclusive of all women working in sports.

Nicole Auerbach, a leading voice in college sports, will help facilitate the conversation– Nicole is a senior writer at the Athletic, serves as a studio analyst for the Big Ten Network and is a radio host for SiriusXM!

I’m also joined by Women Leaders President and Director of Athletics at the University of Pittsburgh, Heather Lyke

We’ll discuss the organization's history, the “why” behind the evolution to Women Leaders in Sports and how our mission remains steadfast – to develop, connect and champion women to advance and be a powerful influence in sports.

I hope you enjoy learning more about our brand evolution, and if you aren’t a member, that you will join our community! We Are Women Leaders. 


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