Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 120: Rachelle Paul


In this episode we talk with Rachelle Paul, Director of Athletics at Saint Peter's University in Jersey City, New Jersey.


You all have heard of St. Peter’s by now... the small Jesuit school in New Jersey that was the first 15-seed ever to make the Elite Eight during the NCAA Men’s basketball championship.


Rachelle first shares her journey to the AD chair and emphasizes the importance of relationships throughout her career.  And in her short time as AD at Saint Peter’s, Rachelle has faced several historical moments: navigating COVID in her first year and then navigating the historic run of her MBB team during this year’s March Madness.  


Listen in to hear the behind the scenes of that historic run, and all of the challenges, learnings, and excitement, from an athletic director's perspective.  Rachelle shares many great insights on how to build on that type of momentum for both the athletic program and the university.  We talk quite a bit about sports being a unifier, especially teams that win, and that winning is contagious. 


It's such a fun conversation!  Don’t miss a moment... And remember, we are Women Leaders! 

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