Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 115: Jill Sharp


To start the new year, we're excited to share this illuminating and inspiring conversation with Jill Sharp, a performance and health coach for leaders and teams. This is the perfect way to start the new year!

For the past 17 years, Jill has been on a mission to create positive change and unleash potential. She is an expert in the field of energy and performance, and she supports those looking to sharpen their personal and professional edge.

Jill tells us that the linchpin in our ability to perform in life lies with our energy—how much we have and how well we manage it. In fact, much of how we show up and what we can deliver in life is about energy management, not time management. And we’re talking about more than just physical energy—we are talking mental, emotional, relational, spiritual.

So if you want to thrive this year, listen in as Jill shares her Performance Formula, which can also be a  template to help you set your goals and intentions for the year. 

This includes thoughtfulness about your mission and goals, mindset, training, and more.  And guess what, we are always training our bodies and minds, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Jill shares her performance formula and talks about how she coaches people to be fully in the driver’s seat of their lives. Don’t miss a moment of this conversation! And remember, we are Women Leaders!

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