Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 126: Allison Kern 





 Today, we are joined by Allison Kern, Associate Vice President and Director of Athletics at Cal State East Bay! Trust. Authenticity. Intentionality. Vision. – Just some of the main topics we break down in this engaging conversation where Allison gives great perspective on how to be a successful leader in college athletics.   


 A former student-athlete and head women's basketball coach, Allison shares some important thoughts on non-traditional leadership and changes across the college athletics landscape. Leading through change, disruptions and transitions are a huge part of every leadership journey, and we touch on all of that, including her transition from private institutions to a public one. And as we continue to celebrate 50 years of Title IX, Allison shares how this milestone has impacted her, and why she is constantly grateful for the opportunities Title IX afforded her in life.     There are so many great insights throughout this conversation!...Don’t miss a minute of it, and remember, we are Women Leaders!   




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