Women Leaders Podcast, Episode 129: Fireside Chat with Sandra Douglass Morgan and Holly Rowe at the 2022 Women Leaders National Convention



In this episode, we take you back to the 2022 Women Leaders National Convention in Kansas City! If you were in attendance, we hope you are STILL feeling inspired and energized by ALL our incredible speakers, breakout sessions and connection moments. Our souls were set on FIRE!


One of the many powerful keynotes brought Holly Rowe, ESPN reporter and play-by-play commentator, on stage for a candid and empowering conversation with the President of the Las Vegas Raiders, Sandra Douglass Morgan.


They chat about Sandra’s journey to becoming the first African American woman president in the NFL. Sandra sheds light on her personal career journey, shares SO MANY good leadership insights, and encourages the audience to advocate for ourselves.


We enjoyed being in the room for this interview and are very excited that we can bring it to the Women Leaders Podcast.


Don't miss a moment of this Podcast Takeover. Enjoy, and remember... We are Women Leaders!



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